Sifu K. Flickinger grand-master of Wing Tsun Kung Fu


The INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY of WING TSUN KUNG (AIWTKF®) was founded by Sifu Klaus Flickinger in 2002. The idea behind the decision to found the AIWTKF® was to preserve the martial art of WING TSUN KUNG FU as the standardised, self-contained system it was developed as about 360 years ago. Sifu Klaus Flickinger is also particularly interested in teaching the important principles and concepts of the system as prerequisite for being able to understand the interrelationships between the individual techniques, the way in which they are implemented, and the appropriate methods.

The AIWTKF® aims to teach WING TSUN KUNG FU in the old, traditional way as handed down over the years and in the context of Chinese Taoist philosophy. TAO is the constant, never-ending development from within oneself and is directly related to the principles of WING TSUN KUNG FU.

WING TSUN is the name of this kung fu style. An old art of self-defence developed from several fighting styles during the Ching dynasty (1644 – 1911). KUNG FU means “skillfull work”, and like WU SHU this is a general umbrella term for Chinese martial arts and does not describe any particular style. The INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY of WING TSUN KUNG (AIWTKF®) is an independent and self-contained martial arts academy whose name and identity is protected in law (to stop imitators).