Wing Tsun Kung Fu

WING TSUN KUNG FU is an old Chinese martial art, which originated in southern China around 360 years ago during the Ching dynasty (1644-1911). At that time China was constantly at war with the Manchurian invaders.

Under such pressure the Chinese developed a completely new method of fighting, which was to give them superiority over the attackers. This is how WING TSUN KUNG FU came into being: a flexible, fast, aggressive martial art with which the Chinese were even able to defeat physically superior opponents.
WING TSUN KUNG FU enables the fighter to spontaneously adapt to the attacker’s movements using a cleverly devised system of trained visual and sense reflexes. This means that this system removes any susceptibility to feints and other distractions.

Historical research has shown that WING TSUN KUNG FU was developed by masters of various different fighting styles. This was in the southern Chinese border region between Fatshan and Yunnan after the overthrow of the Ming dynasty. The system was then secretly developed further in Kwangtung from where it came via Kwangsi to Fatshan, where WING TSUN KUNG FU found numerous followers of this famous « secret style ».

This ingenious martial arts system first reached Europe at the end of the 1970’s and is consequently less well-known than other kinds of martial arts, such as the Japanese budo styles. Another reason is that unlike usual martial arts, WING TSUN KUNG FU is not a tournament or competition sport. Because it was developed as a martial art for the real thing, any establishment of or adherence to a set of rules would defeat the object of the exercise.

WING TSUN KUNG FU is also much more than just an effective means of self-defence. The natural, flowing movements have a health-conserving effect and serve as mental and physical training. Today’s WING TSUN KUNG FU still upholds the old, Chinese customs and traditions. Enriched with Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian ideas, it teaches us a respectfull and responsable relationship.