Cham Kiu

The second empty hand form, “CHAM KIU” (translation: seeking a bridge), is taught moving on from Siu Nim Tau Cham Kiu extends the technical repertoire, especially the arm techniques, learned in the first form (Siu Nim Tau), with a certain number of complementary arm techniques, such as the ascending punch – Chau Chong Kyun – to which is also added a lateral kick and a direct (straight) kick.

The objective of the Cham Kiu form is, in fact, to learn to coordinate the arm techniques already learned with the movement and spinning techniques of the Mui Bou form of movements. As the name of the form suggests (seeking the bridge), it is all about establishing a “bridge” to the opponent by using movements in combination with arm movements. Therefore, “seeking a bridge” is used to execute a simultaneous counter-attack technique, whilst also falling back on the corresponding defensive technique, such as Bong Sau (wing arm) or Taan Sau (dispersing hand) in order to bridge the distance to the opponent.