Siu Nim Tau

In the Wing Tsun Kung Fu system, the various stages of apprenticeship are all completed and become part and parcel of a logical educational progression. This is especially true for the forms that constitute the foundation of this martial art. The pupil begins by learning the SIU NIM TAU – a grain will be sowed.

Unlike a fair number of Asian combat sports, when learning Wing Tsun Kung Fu techniques,it is not about executing the techniques rapidly or forcefully. When the various sequences of movements of the forms have been completed, the Wing Tsun student does not imagine himself being confronted by an opponent (like in shadowboxing). This is especially true for the first empty hand form of Wing Tsun Kung Fu: Siu Nim Tau, which translates as the little idea of paramount importance!

The name of the form is very explicit and this is the most important form in the system. The primary objective of Siu Nim Tau is nonetheless to learn the basic techniques performed with the arms. At this stage, these are first and foremost techniques used to protect oneself, to fend off an attack while controlling the opponent. The pupil also learns the first techniques of the counter-attack.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a very logical system based, among other things, on certain laws of geometry, i.e. an awareness of the surroundings. Therefore, the aim is to learn the exact positions, in addition to the correct angles and distances of the arms in relation to the body, in order that, eventually, the technique becomes truly effective.

The eight “sequences” more accurately the eight sequences of movements of Siu Nim Tau, constitute the foundation for the martial art of Wing Tsun. It is impossible to produce a judicious and solid construction if the foundations are unstable. If the student has failed to grasp Siu Nim Tau, he will never be capable of grasping every stage in the apprenticeship of this system.