Saam Sing Chong

The 3-star (post) form, also call the tripodal dummy form, completes the empty hand Wing Tsun training programme in the most appropriate manner when it is practised in parallel with the wooden dummy form (Muk Yan Chong).
Composed of three wooden posts anchored to the ground and set out in the shape of an equilateral triangle, the tripodal dummy is the ideal tool for training the mobility of the entire body necessary for kicks in close combat (including the matching hand techniques) specific to Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

The low, stable positions, and the essential use of every joint, such as the vertebral column, the hip, the knees, the ankles, etc. are typical of the Saam Sing Chong form, which puts into practice kicking and sweeping techniques in every imaginable direction, learned in the Muk Yan Chong form.
In addition, in the so-called 3-star (post) form, advanced movement and rotation techniques are practised in an extremely restricted space (i.e. at a very short distance from the opponent).
After working regularly and in an exact order on performing the so-called 3-star form, the techniques and steps should also be practised without an exact sequence, in free form.