Piu Zhi

Following on from the Siu Nim Tau and Cham Kiu forms, and the seven Chi Sau sections and matching applications, the student learns the so-called Piu Zhi form. PIU ZHI means  « darting fingers ».

Aggressive attack techniques, such as blows delivered by the elbow and the chopping hand, jabbing fingers and different variants of the punch complete the Siu Nim Tau and Cham Kiu repertoire.
The techniques taught in Piu Zhi essentially represent attack techniques that directly target sensitive parts of the body such as the larynx, the carotid and the eyes and can thus cause extremely serious injury.
In this form, the correct execution of the darting and striking techniques, as well as the techniques intended to cut and chop, presuppose a perfect understanding of the correct application of the movements.
Subsequently, in order to use these attack techniques dynamically and effectively, the student must picture himself wanting to project or throw a javelin or a dart.
All the strength and dynamic of the technique is the result of the action of each of the different joints involved in the movement.
To generate the « percussive » effect, which is legendary in each of these techniques, the vertebral column, the elbow, the wrist and the various finger joints are brought into play and help to obtain a « whiplash » effect.