Chi Sau

Chi Sau reflexes are only used when the « body to body » combat distance is reached. If my opponent thwarts my counter-attack using defence techniques, e.g. blocks, holds, etc., thanks to the tactile reflexes learned in Chi Sau training, I will immediately be able to get around these defensive tactics so that my counter-attack hits its « target» as quickly as possible.
Chi Sau reflexes help to avoid the disproportionate exertion that a « block » would call for. In close combat, there is no longer any waste of time caused by the sequence of visual reaction involving the eye > the brain > the counter-attack.


Chi Sau training is an exercise practised with a partner. The aim of this work in pairs is to learn tactile reflexes and render them automatic.
These reflexes come into their own in a real combat or when training in Gwo Sau (freestyle combat training).
Based on an assembly of different forms from Chi Sau training, further training programmes (lessons on the different combinations of reflexes), in tandem with the ability to put them into practice thanks to a sophisticated method, Gwo Sau constitutes the final result.